Water, Sewer and Garbage Service

Water bills are due in full on the 15th of every month. A 10% penalty will be added to all bills if not paid by the 15th.   If the bill is not paid by the 25th of the month services are subject to disconnection.  If services are disconnected a $40.00 reconnection fee will be charged.  Services will not be reconnected until the current bill and reconnection fee has been paid.

Water bills may be paid by mail or in person at City Hall, 120 South Davis Street during regular business hours; Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. After hours payments can be placed in the drop box located through the first set of double doors inside the main entrance of City Hall. We also offer automatic bank draft, which drafts from your bank account on the 10th of every month.  On line payments can be made at www.forestmspay.com or call (800)701-8560.

To establish residential service:

  1. a) Apply in person at City Hall
  2. b) Pay security deposit (listed below)
  3. c) Provide a United States picture ID and social security card
  4. d) Provide proof of ownership or a copy of lease/rental agreement
  5. e) If leasing/renting a Rental Application will be required with $50.00

nonrefundable inspection fee

To establish commercial service:

  1. a) Apply in person at City Hall
  2. b) Pay security deposit (listed below)
  3. c) Provide privilege license

If the water bill is not paid, the City will use the deposit to pay the bill. When water service is terminated the deposit, less outstanding bill, will be refunded.

Transferring or disconnecting water/sewer service should be done in person with proper identification.

All customers must have a cut off valve installed within one foot of the city meter.

City of Forest employees may come onto your property to service, maintain, connect or disconnect your meter. The meter installed on customers property is the property of the City.

It is the responsibility of property owner to repair water/sewer leaks on residential side of the meter.

“Cleaning Accounts” are specifically for landlord/owner of rental property to have water available between tenants/renters to clean or repair the property. When the tenant/renter calls the water department to have the water disconnected due to relocation, the water technician will disconnect and lock the water meter.  If the landlord/owner needs water services reconnected to clean the property before the next occupancy, he/she can call the water department and request the cleaning account be activated.  The water will be reactivated for a period of no more than 5 working days or until landlord/owner calls to disconnect whichever occurs first.  The water/sewage used during this time will be calculated and billed to preauthorized cleaning account.  Landlord/owner must establish the “cleaning” account prior to reactivation of services between tenants/renters.  Standard deposit, application and documentation is required for account set up.


 ¾” Meter

Basic Meter        $100.00

Rental Property  $150.00

Yard Meter         $ 50.00

1” Meter

Basic Meter       $120.00

Rental Property $175.00

Yard Meter        $100.00

Over 1” Meter

Cost of Meter


 ¾” Water Tap

Basic Meter     $475.00

1” Water Tap

Basic Meter      $885.00

Over 1” Tap

Cost of Job


4” Sewer Tap                   $200.00

Over 4”                            Cost of Job


Reconnection Fee                        $40.00

Broken or Damaged ¾” Meter      $200.00

Broken or Damaged 1” Meter       $300.00

Broken or Damaged Lock            $20.00

Pulled Meter Fee                         $50.00

Bad Check Fee                            $40.00